Sharing Methods in NetDocuments


There are many ways to share items in NetDocuments with other users inside and outside your firm. Listed below are the many options available, depending on your needs and goals. 

Email Copy - attaches a copy of the document to an email message.

Email Link - appends a URL link to the document to an email message. The user will need access to the item as an internal or external user. 

Secure Document Link - sends a link to view and/or download a document. Documents cannot be edited. Can be secured with a password and/or an expiration date. 

ShareSpace - can be shared with an internal user, external user, or a ShareSpace Contact.

CollabSpace - can be shared both internally and externally. We recommend using CollabSpaces rather then ShareSpaces when collaborating on documents with people outside your firm, like clients or third parties.

External User - allows external users to have access to one or more folders or workspaces for an extensive period of time, with many of the same features as an Internal User. This requires configuration and setup by an Administrator.