Mass Profile Change


You may run into situations where you need to change the profiles of a large number of documents in your NetDocuments account. For example, let's say you have a client named "John Doe" and you need to re-profile all of the documents to "Jane Doe."

With 20 documents or less, you can get away with checking the boxes next to them and changing the profiles, but with a larger number of documents that may be impractical. Both these options are described below.

Changing Profiles of Multiple Documents

On List View pages, such folders, Saved Searches, etc., there is an option in the Power Bar called Edit Profile:


NOTE: Some users may not see this option. This option is available to anyone with rights to change the profile if you are changing it for only one document. If you check only one document and click this option, you will be taken to the standard Edit Profiles dialog so you can edit the profile values. A cabinet administrator can allow a subset of users to use this option on multiple documents at a time. 

Changing the Profiles of More Than 500 Items

The easiest way to re-profile a larger number of documents would be to first run an Advanced Search as a Cabinet Administrator for all of the items within the cabinet you want to change. 

This option will process everything in the search results, up to 10,000 items at a time. It is only available to Cabinet Administrators.

On the search result page, go to Search Result Options and select Edit Profiles:


You will then be taken to an Edit Profile page. The Edit Profile dialog will be blank. Here you can select the value(s) that you would like to change (make sure all other fields you do not want to change are blank).


Enter the new value(s) in the attribute you want to change. Any values that you enter will be placed into the profiles of the selected documents regardless of values that may already be present in those documents' profile fields. In other words, it will replace any existing values.

To remove a value without replacing it, you can type in "NO VALUE" (with quotes and all caps). Click OK and the value will be cleared. If the field is a drop-down menu, you will have an option to choose "NO VALUE" for that field and it will cause that field to be empty. This feature is only available to cabinet administrators.

Once you click the "Continue" button, the documents will be processed in the background so that your browser window will not be tied up and you can continue working. You will get a confirmation email when all of the profiles have been changed.  

This process will handle up to 10,000 items at a time so if your search results contain more than that amount, you may need to adjust your search criteria such that each batch contains 10,000 items or less.

NOTE: You can also use a similar process with the "Modify Access" option to modify the access on large numbers of items. Learn more about Mass Access Change.

Changing the Profiles of a Folder Tree

If you want to change profile values for everything under a specific folder, you can open that parent folder and select the Edit Profile option. Make your change to the profile as you want it for that folder and all subfolders and documents under that parent folder. Then select the two boxes at the bottom of the page that read;

1. Apply the above profile values to existing documents in this folder. 

2. Apply the above profile values to existing subfolders in this folder.

This will be done as a background process and will change all items to the profile that you specified. You will receive an email when it is complete. For this option, there is no limit of the number of subfolders or documents that can be processed. We suggest if you need to change tens of thousands of documents, you may want to break it into groups, so the processing can be done more quickly. Please contact your Cabinet Administrator if you have further questions about this feature. Learn more about Quick Folder Profiling