Undeleting a Folder


Just as with documents, when a folder is deleted, it is flagged as deleted and can only be found by searching for 'deleted items only' from the Advanced Search page. This article describes how to undelete a folder and its contents. 

To un-delete a deleted folder:

1. Go to the Advanced Search page and check the box for "Deleted Items Only."

2. Enter any other criteria you need to find the desired folder(s). You can also filter the search to search for Folders Only. 

Just as with a document, under More Options, you will see an option to "Undelete" the folder. However, a deleted folder retains its subfolders and parent folder, if it had any. So, in order to undelete a subfolder, its parent folder must first be undeleted (so that it has a place to be re-filed).

When a folder is undeleted, NetDocuments will check each of its subfolders. For each one, if it was deleted within 30 minutes of when the top folder was deleted, it will be undeleted too and its subfolders will also be checked. A background process will be performed until all the subfolders are undeleted. The user will be notified via email the same way we handle other background process notifications. 

When a folder tree is undeleted, the documents in that folder tree will be undeleted as well IF they were also deleted within the 30 minute window specified above.

If the folder is undeleted after the 30 minute period, the user will have to undelete any individual documents before they undelete the parent folder. If force filing is set, they will have to temporarily file all of the undeleted documents to some other location/folder, then do the folder undelete. During the folder undelete process, these now undeleted documents will show up in the folders as the folders are restored. If the documents were not undeleted first, they would not show up in the newly-restored folders.

If Force Filing is Enabled

If force filing is enabled then the user must undelete the documents back to a 'temporary' folder before the folders are undeleted. Because of this, that folder will stay there forever (or they must turn off the force-filing flag in order to delete this temp folder and then turn force-filing back on).

NOTE: In the case where a user attempts to undelete a folder that is a child of a parent that is also deleted, a message will display that says "You cannot undelete this folder because its parent folder, <parentFolder name>, is also deleted. Please undelete the parent folder first." The <parentFolder name> will be a hyperlink to that folder.

Folder security/access when deleting or undeleting a folder

When a folder is deleted, the access list of the folder is retained. Unless a user has A (Administer) rights to the folder they will not be able to see it in a Deleted Item search.

If a folder is undeleted the original access will be retained when placed back into a cabinet, while any documents in the folder will be stripped of original access and be assigned only access from the user who performed the undelete.