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Click on Settings to change your user preferences, activate optional integration with your email application, and to configure your PC to store backup copies of documents as you open them from NetDocuments.  Your settings are mobile, allowing you to login from any PC with your preferences intact.

NOTE: Workstation and Application Settings are machine specific, but they can be enabled at each PC you work with where necessary. For security purposes, NetDocuments encourages users to set these preferences from their primary workstation only and not to activate them when you login from another user's workstation. 

Change Your Name, Phone Number, and Company Organization 

This information can be changed at any time and does not affect your billing account.  This is information that other NetDocuments users will see when they want to know who you are when you are added to an access list or recorded in the History of a document.  First name can be up to 32 characters and last name can be up to 64 characters. 

NOTE: When registering a new user account, the user's first or last name CANNOT contain quotes.

NOTE: Use caution when changing your account name. This may affect your ability to search for documents created or modified by your user account. For example, on the Advanced Search page, clicking the "Me" link will insert your account name into the search box. If your account name changed, it will only search those documents that match the current name. For example, if a user named Michael uploads a document it will be stamped with "Created By Michael." If Michael changes his account name to Mike and clicks the "Me" link, it will insert "Mike" into the search box. So, the search will not find his earlier document because it has "Michael" associated with it.  

Change Your Email Address for Notifications 

You can change this email address for notification of changes in documents, ShareSpaces, or notes from others using NetDocuments. If you leave your firm, you still have access to your NetDocuments account and can change this email to your new email address for notifications. Although you take your account with you, you no longer will have access to your prior firm's Repository and documents. 

Allow NetDocuments to Notify You of Events, Product Changes, and Special Offers 

This option is off by default. NetDocuments does not send spam or any other email that does not relate to the service itself. This option can be useful to be notified on occasion of new releases, tips and tricks, and offers.

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