Recent Documents


The Documents drop-down menu gives you access to your Recent or Favorite documents. Hover over Recent to quickly access your most recent 10 documents. 


On the Recent Documents list, you will see the 40 most recently edited, opened, or added documents. Separate lists for each of these categories is available. The list you have selected will be underlined.


All Recent Documents

This list will contain the most recently edited, opened, and added documents in sequential order. Any action that places a document in one of the other three lists (editing, opening, uploading, etc.) will also cause the document to be placed in the All list. 

Recently Edited Documents

You must edit a document for it to appear on the Recently Edited Documents list. The list shows the most recent 40 documents you have edited.

Recently Opened Documents 

You must open a document before it is added to Recently Opened Documents. The list shows the most recent 40 documents you have opened.

NOTE: Accessing the Profile for a document does not constitute an open or edit.

Recently Added Documents

This list contains the 40 most recent documents you have added to NetDocuments. If you copy a document in NetDocuments, the new document is included in this list. 

NOTE: If you use ndOffice to save email messages to NetDocuments, those messages will appear in your Recently Added list. 

NOTE: If you click on a document and get a message that it is checked out by another user, and you cancel the open, the document is also added to your Recently Opened Docs list so that you can return again to that document quickly.

NOTE: For some organizations, an integrations package may be in use that modifies the document each time it is opened, by adjusting the footer with the Doc ID, etc. In these cases, the Recently Opened list and the Recently Edited may be identical.

Favorite Documents

The Documents drop-down menu also gives you access to your Favorite documents:


On the Favorite Documents list, you will see a list of those documents that you have Favorited (starred).