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  • Product: ndClick

This option serves two purposes:

1) Scanning – You can create a profile for a document and then print the barcode for that profile to use in scanning a document to be attached to that profile. This requires a TWAIN scanner that has the capability to read a bar code. 

2) Identifying a local document's location – You can create profiles containing physical location descriptions that are defined in the document name or comments. These 'documents' are basically profiles without content. Theу reference an actual paper document that is stored in that physical location. Using this process you can, in effect, have an online card-catalog to locate and keep track of physical paper documents. 

To add a paper document:

1. Click the Add button at the top of the page. 


2. Select Paper document and the following dialog will appear:


3. Check the checkbox for "Print profile cover sheet" if you want to print a bar code to use for scanning. The cover sheet will appear as follows:


4. You can use this bar code to scan, upload, and profile a paper document by placing it on top of the document as it is scanned. You must use a scanner that is able to read bar codes, and it must be a TWAIN scanner in order to use our Desktop Scanner Connector. We recommend using the scanner's 8.5" x 11" Document setting for best results when scanning the bar code. 

The document with its associated profile is now stored like any other document and can be placed on your Home page for easier access if you choose.

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