Send to Application


The following actions can be performed using the Send to Application feature: (The application must be installed on your computer to show in the list.)

Workshare (Compare) – Two files can be marked for a Workshare comparison.

DocsCorp (pdfDocs) – application from DocsCorp to create pdf documents.

DocsCorp (compareDocs) – application from DocsCorp to compare two documents.

DocsCorp (formFiller) – application from DocsCorp to allow you to fill PDF forms.

Litera (ChangePro) – application to compare documents.

Payne Group (Metadata Assistant) – application from Payne Group to clean metadata in documents.

Append Versions – Two or more files can be marked and combined into one document with multiple versions.

The Send to Application option is available on the menu when you are on the Search Results, folder List, Saved Search, or Recent Documents list. If you select one or more documents on these pages and then select Send to Application, those files get added to your marked list and subsequent operations can then be performed on them. Once the operations get performed, the documents are removed from the marked list.

Workshare (Compare)

Workshare versions 8 and older are supported using the features described below. Other components in the Workshare Professional product are not supported. We are not able to test every version of this software, but believe each may work.  

For customers with Workshare 9+ there is a new integration available on our App Marketplace. Please contact Workshare regarding any support issues.

NOTE: This feature can also be activated directly by using the F9 button on the keyboard when you have either multiple documents selected or a single document with multiple versions selected. Workshare (see is a software application that enables users to compare documents and see their differences. NetDocuments integrates directly with Workshare using your installed, local version of Workshare Compare. To use the feature in NetDocuments, check the two documents to be compared, then click the Send to Application option and click the Workshare link.  Both of the documents will be downloaded to your PC and your Workshare software will be launched for comparison of the two documents.

If you only mark one document for comparison, any prior version of the document will automatically be selected as the original document. Workshare will then produce a compared document outlining the two documents' differences. Depending whether you chose to View only or to Save the output, the compared document will be saved into NetDocuments in one of two ways as defined by your Cabinet Administrator:

1. It will be saved as a separate document with a link referencing the source documents. If the comparison is between two versions of the same document and the resultant (output) document is saved, the profile will be stamped with the same values as the original document (source).  Several comparison documents can be retained if you choose.

NOTE: The Workshare output document name is based on the name of the modified document, not the original document.

2. If the Attachment option has been selected by the Cabinet Administrator, then the compared document will be saved as an attachment to the source document and can only be found by locating that source document. If this method is used, only one comparison document can be attached at anyone time. You can delete the attachment if desired by going to the Info Dialog for that document and clicking Delete as shown below. Use the Email option to send the attachment if desired. Once in this dialog, click the Document Name to open the attachment.

NOTE: All document comparisons with Workshare will be saved as a .rtf file. 


NOTE: These options work with products provided by DocsCorp (pdfDocs, CompareDocs, Formfiller).  You must have this software installed on your local computer. pdfDocs will convert a Word document to a PDF document, the CompareDocs provides redlining similar to what Workshare provides, and the FormFiller allows you to complete forms generated in the PDF format.

NOTE: This option works with ChangePro provided by Litera. You must have this software installed on your local computer. ChangePro provides redlining similar to what Workshare and DocsCorp provide.

NOTE: This feature works with the MetaData Assistant software from Payne Consulting and allows you to select a document and clean the Metadata in that document. You must have the Payne Metadata Assistant software installed on the local computer. If you are using this software, you can clean a document prior to putting it into a ShareSpace for example. Select the document and then select the Mark/Launch option and the MetaData Assistant. It will start the software to clean the document and then will insert the cleaned copy as a new version to the document. You can clean one document at a time. The version of MetaData Assistant supported is 2.12 or newer.


The Metadata assistant link will allow launching a single Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. The user must have Edit rights to the document and versioning must be enabled in the document’s cabinet. After launching Metadata assistant a dialog will be displayed similar to the import dialog displayed after launching Workshare. It will store the output as a new version of the original document. The official status of the new version will be set to the original status of the source version.

Append Versions

This feature allows you to take two or more documents and create a single document containing each document as a version of the primary document. The marked list in this case is divided into what are known as source documents and the destination document. The destination document is always the last document in the list with the source documents above it. When the documents are appended, the marked versions of the source documents will become versions of the destination document. If there are multiple versions of any of the source documents, those existing versions will be automatically deleted. Existing versions of the destination document, including the official version designation, will not be affected.