Start a Discussion


NetDocuments gives you the ability to hold a discussion with other users. NetDocuments Discussions are multi-threaded. Each user enters a discussion text, saves the discussion document and then another person can access it and add his or her own discussion text or add to an existing discussion thread. Discussions automatically display the current time and date in the time zone of the user and stamp each entry with the user's name. A Discussion is treated like a document within NetDocuments. 

To start a new Discussion:

1. Select Add > Discussion. If you are in a ShareSpace, click Add Discussion under the ShareSpace options menu. You must have at least "E" edit rights to add a Discussion. 

NOTE:  If a user has created a discussion in a ShareSpace and you have View-Only rights to the ShareSpace, you can still add threads to that existing Discussion in the ShareSpace.

2. Type a name (or subject) for the discussion.

3. Select a location for it.


4. Once you have clicked OK to add the discussion, you can click Add to a Discussion as shown below:


By viewing the discussion text, you will see each user's discussion thread in your time zone. You cannot edit or delete threads once they have been entered. Discussion threads are listed in reverse chronological order. Any URL text added to a discussion thread becomes a hot link to that URL page, so you can reference a document in NetDocuments for instance.


Discussions Are Searchable 

By performing a search in NetDocuments, you will find profile information and any discussion text within a Discussion. 


Discussion items are not echoed. See Echoing for more information. Because of this, you cannot email a copy of a discussion. However, you can email a link to the discussion to another user that has access rights to that discussion.

Note for Non-Cabinet Members 

If you share a ShareSpace with someone who is not a member of your firm's corporate account, that person receives the ShareSpace in his or her My Inbox. Regardless of the rights of that user, the user can still add to any discussions you've started in the ShareSpace. If the user has only View rights, the user cannot start a new Discussion document.