Adding a Subfolder


To Create a Subfolder

From within the parent folder, click the folder options drop-down, then click Add subfolder:


A new subfolder can also be created on the fly when you are adding a new document or importing a document. A prompt will appear in the folder list for New Subfolder and you can click that prompt and add the subfolder. Documents placed into a subfolder inherit any completed profile values of the subfolder.

Subfolder Access Inheritance

A subfolder will inherit the access rights of the parent folder when it is created plus the creator will have VESA rights. Changes made to the access rights of the parent folder after the creation of the subfolder, do not necessarily filter down to subfolders.

If the Administrator has set the "Folders inherit access rights" in the Cabinet Administration page, documents that are filed in a subfolder will also inherit the access rights of the subfolder. Documents and subfolders in a folder can be dragged into other subfolders in that parent folder.

NOTE: Folder names can have a maximum of 1000 characters. 

 The following characters are not allowed in folder names and it will stop you from entering an invalid character:

A tab and \ / : * ? " < > |

NOTE: Up to 500 subfolders can be created in a parent folder. You can create as many subfolder levels as you need.