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Under Workspace Options, you will have the option to customize the workspace. You will be able to edit the following features, as shown below:


You can change the name of the workspace. However, this does not change the profile values of the workspace, or how the profile is displayed in the lookup dialog. This only changes how the workspace name is displayed on the workspace page, as well as in all users' Recent Workspaces and Favorite Workspaces lists. 


A workspace name cannot contain a tab, or any of these characters: \ / " * ? " < > |


You can add any information related to the specific workspace for all users to see. You can also include hyperlinks to external websites. The description displays below the workspace name on the workspace summary view. 


An image can be uploaded to display at the top left corner of the screen when on the workspace Summary View, List View, or any folder or search page associated with that workspace. If there is no logo, users will see either the cabinet logo or the repository logo.


You can drag and drop any folders, Saved Searches, and Filters to organize the layout of the workspace Summary View. You can have one or two columns on the Summary View. 

NOTE: In order to use the Customize Workspace option a user would need to have Edit AND Share rights to the Workspace. Any changes made on this page will be seen by all users who have access to the Workspace. 

Application Tabs

You can enable tabs for specific workspaces by selecting check boxes.

  • CollabSpaces - Enable CollabSpaces. See CollabSpaces for more information
  • Threads - Enable ndThread. See ndThread for more information
  • Sets - Enable SetBuilder. See SetBuilder for more information

Note: ndThread and SetBuilder are purchased separately. 

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