Ways to Add Emails


This post describes the various ways to add (import) emails into NetDocuments.

  • ndMail – A predictive filing system that integrates with Outlook and Exchange. 
  • ndOffice - You can import emails and attachments into NetDocuments from Outlook. 
  • Folder Email Address – You can send or forward to a NetDocuments folder via a folder email address. Items are imported as .htm files.
  • Upload button (local email file) – Your users can upload one or more local .msg or .eml files through the browser.

Note: You cannot import Read Receipts and Delivery Receipts in Outlook into NetDocuments using ndOffice. If you want to store these in NetDocuments, you need to drag them to the desktop and then import them into NetDocuments.

Two Tips for non-Outlook users to get emails into NetDocuments:

  • Use the Import Existing Option, and drag the email attachments to your desktop and import the emails into NetDocuments.
  • Forward your email into NetDocuments using the email address of a NetDocuments folder. If you include NM: in your subject, only the documents are sent to that folder, not the email message body.