Document Details Panel


The Document Details Panel is the panel that appears on the right-hand side of List View pages – folders, search results, Saved Searches, and Recent Documents. The panel is your "dashboard" for anything related to a specific document. It includes all of the following as shown below:

  • Created by Name and Date
  • Modified by Name and Date
  • File Type and Size
  • Doc ID
  • Custom Profile Details
  • Status (Approved, Signed)
  • Attachments
  • Versions
  • Linked Documents
  • Locations


Profile Details

To edit a profile, simply click in the profile field that you'd like to edit.

If you have required Custom Profile fields, you will be prompted to edit the profile values before completing a document import. Generally, required profile attributes will have validation tables from which to select a value.  If the list of values is less than 100, you will see a standard dropdown box. If the profile attribute has values greater than 100, then you will see a selection box to the right of the entry field. After selecting that option, you can search either on a code or a description, if both were entered. You will see a maximum of 500 entries at at time, but can "next" through the values until you find the one you are wanting to select.

NOTE: If you are adding or moving a document into a folder, the document will inherit any profile values which have been completed for the folder.

Email Conversation View

If you select an email that is part of a larger thread you will see the option View Email Conversation under the Document Type section.


Selecting this option will perform a search of all messages in that particular thread and then create a view of all the emails that were filed within that thread.


When viewing this search, you can quickly select the particular email(s) in the conversation that you need to see without having to sort through any other emails that are not part of that conversation.


After a Document Comparison, you can append the documents as attachments to a document. If the Attachment option has been selected by the Cabinet Administrator, then the compared document will be saved as an attachment to the source document and can only be found by locating that source document. If this method is used, only one comparison document can be attached at anyone time. You can delete the attachment if desired by going to the Info Dialog for that document and clicking Delete. Once in this dialog, click the Document Name to open the attachment. 


In the Document Details panel, you can also view the version(s) of that document. To learn more about Version Management, click Here.



At the bottom of the Document Details panel, you can see all the locations of the document including the document URL, document email address, as well as all cabinets, folders, ShareSpaces, and workspaces the document is filed in. 


Document URL

You can view the URL for any document. You can also copy this URL and paste it into the Browser Address bar to access the document directly or you can use this URL in any other application you choose.  For instance, it could be pasted into a Word document as a link to the document. It could also be saved on your Desktop so you can access the document directly from the Desktop. To view the Document URL, in the Document option and details pane select the arrow next to Locations. There you will see the URL.

Document Email Addresses 

Every document, folder, workspace, and Saved Search in NetDocuments has an email address associated with it. This is to provide another way of storing documents, particularly emails, in NetDocuments. To learn more about these email addresses, see our article about Emailing Into NetDocuments.

You will find a specific document's email address under Locations in the Document Details panel. Either copy the address and paste it in a To field, or use the Add to Outlook button, if you have Outlook, and it will add it to your Outlook Address Book. Documents forwarded from an Email system to this email address will use the document's profile values as a pattern and will inherit the profile values of that document as well as the security of that document regardless if the option is set at the cabinet level for documents to inherit the Access rights from the folder.  

NOTE: An email with attachments will not be filed in any folders that the "template" document may be filed in.

Other Locations

In addition to the URL and Email address, you will be able to see the cabinet, ShareSpace, workspace, and/or folder in which the document is filed. Clicking the name of the location will navigate you there.