View in Browser


NetDocuments provides the ability to view a document in the browser, using either the View in Browser option (Viewer) or the Preview Pane on any list view. NetDocuments will render the document from its native format to be displayed in the browser.  The user cannot make changes to the document by viewing it. 

There are three reasons for using the built-in Viewer in NetDocuments: 

  1. To quickly view the contents of a document without opening a native editor, such as Microsoft Word (if no editing is to be done).

  2. You do not have the document's native editor, such as WordPerfect, installed on the computer.

  3. To view highlighted search results within the document text.

When using the View in Browser option, you can have the document's details open on the right-hand side. 


If you are viewing a document in a List View, the Viewer provides an option to view the next (SHIFT/CTRL N) document in the List View or the previous (SHIFT/CTRL P) document in the List View without going back to the List View.  

Users must toggle between the Preview Pane and the Details Panel, but can "pop out" the Viewer to a separate window to see the details panel or other information. 


Note about PDF documents: The exception to flash rendering is PDF documents. The document is streamed to your PC for immediate viewing.  Adobe also refers to "streaming" as page-at-a-time or byte-range downloading. It enables you to view a PDF file from a Web server before the entire file is downloaded. With byte-serving, a finite range of bytes – usually one page – is served and displayed when requested, so you only need to wait the time it takes to download a single page before you can view the file. Without byte-serving, you need to wait until an entire PDF file downloads before you can start reading it. If the PDF file is large, the delay may be significant depending on your Internet connection.

NOTE: If you have Acrobat Professional with our integrations installed and you view a document with the View option, it will open the Viewer and then it will open a blank Acrobat Professional on top of it. You need to close Acrobat to see the document in the Viewer.  Any time you view a PDF while the acrobat.exe is an active process, Acrobat will not open on top of the Viewer. We have no way to avoid this behavior.

See also: Viewer Technical Information

NOTE: Except for PDF files, documents larger than 25MB can only be viewed in their native application. The size limit for PDF files is the standard 1 GB per file limit.