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Linking documents provides a way to relate common documents together for easy access. 

To Link two or more documents, select the documents from any of the List View pages such as a folder, search results, Saved Search, or Recent Documents, then click the Link Documents option in the Group Options menu. When this option is selected, a new link will appear in the document details panel for each linked document. When the user clicks on this link, the user will be taken to a List View of all of the documents in that link. The current document is also included in the linked document list.


You can view the linked documents after linking them:


To unlink a document, hover over the "View" button and an "unlink" button will appear. This will unlink that document from all others. Other documents, however, may still be linked to that one.


NOTE: The Linked Documents section in the Document Details panel will not be there if there are no links for the document being displayed.

NOTE: There is a limit of about 500 documents when using this option. 

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