Secure Document Delivery


This option allows users to send a link to a document that is password protected. The sender can define the password to be used, and can also set an expiration date for the link. Users that receive the link will only be able to View the document, with the option to Download a copy of the document.

If you wish the receiver to edit the document, you will need to send a regular Email Link (for Internal Users) or a ShareSpace link.

NOTE: There is a flag in the Cabinet Administration page to enable/disable the Secure Document Delivery feature for a given cabinet. The default is to have the Delivery feature ENABLED. If you do not want the feature enabled, as the Administrator, you must DISABLE it in the Cabinet Administration page by unchecking the box "Documents can be delivered to users outside the cabinet." in the Cabinet security section.

  1. Select the documents you want to share.
  2. From the Power Bar, select 'Deliver a secured link' (it may be under the More option):


When you select this option, you will see the following window:


NOTE: The link at the bottom of the dialog will change depending on the Security Options that you choose (described below). So, if you want to copy the link into another email to send from there, then set the security options first, then copy and paste the link. In other words, the link is live as soon as you copy and paste it.

You can choose to copy and paste the link into another email, or simply enter the email addresses you want to send it to. You will have to hover over the document name to copy the link.


You may also see the option to send the link through Outlook (if you have enabled Desktop Email Integration):


NOTE: Administrators may restrict users from copying the link out of the dialog window. This also prevents users from sending the link through Outlook.

The To field will give the user access to their personal address book. Users can also choose to send a copy to themselves, and to be notified when recipients view or download the linked document.

Secure Delivery Options

You will have the following options regarding access to the document(s):


Password protect – You can choose a password that will be required for the user to access the document via the link. You will be asked to confirm the password. There is no minimum length for the password.

Link expiration date – There is a default expiration date of 30 days. If the user deletes the value in the “Link expiration date” field, then no expiration date will be applied. If users click the link after the expiration date, the link will not be valid and access will be denied. The link expiration works off the time of day the expiration date is set. For example, if you send a link at 2:30pm today, it will expire at 2:30pm on the day of the expiration date you set. If you set a link to expire today, it will arrive expired.

NOTE: If you do not set an expiration date, the link will be live until the document is deleted or all links are revoked.

NOTE: Cabinet Administrators have the ability to set a maximum expiration date for secure links.

External users must set an expiration date 14 days or less, unless the cabinet-level setting requires a shorter time period.

Link to: - you can choose to send a link for a specific version, or the Official Version.

External Users will not be able to send secure links to official versions of documents, but only to the specified version.

Lock version – At the time the user generates a secured link, the user sending the link can choose to lock the version that is sent via the Delivery feature. However, the user cannot choose to lock the version if they are sharing a link to the Official Version.

If selecting multiple documents, the user will only be able to lock the current official version(s) when sending the secure link.

Locking a version means that the version cannot be edited. It cannot be unlocked; a user must create a new version or assign another unlocked version as the official version.

Allow document(s) to be downloaded – This option allows or prevents users from downloading the document.

Revoke Secure Links

Users can revoke all links to a specific version of a document:


This will "lock" the version from being shared via a secure link and will disable all existing links used previously.


Receiving a Secure Link

Users receiving a link, who are required to enter a password, will see this page:


After entering the correct password, or just clicking the link, they will be able to View the document in a browser:


NOTE: Using the Secure Document Delivery option, there is a hard limit of 500 items at a time, but the practical or "soft" limit is 400 items.

Secured Links IP Inclusion List

Repository Administrators can enable the Secured Links IP Inclusion List setting:

  1. Select your name in the upper-right corner > Admin > Repository name.
  2. Select the admin.png icon to open the Navigation Pane > Users & Groups Configure advanced authentication options.
  3. In the Secured Link IP Inclusion List section, enter a range of IP addresses that applies to your organization.


  1. Select OK.

Now, when internal users deliver a secured link in this repository, the Restrict access to authorized networks check box appears.


If you select the check box, the generated secured link will be accessible only within the defined IP inclusion list range. This will limit access to that secured link to other people working for the same organization.

The recipient of the secured link restricted to authorized networks will see the following additional information in the secured link email:


This information also appears on the secured link page.

If the recipient is not inside the authorized networks, they will see this error message when trying to access the secured link and neither the preview of the document nor the download features will be available to them: