Application Settings


This article describes the various settings available to users from their Settings > Application Settings menu.

Name Order

The name order selected here will be used in all displays that show a list of user names. For example, on the access list of a document or folder, a user can change the names to be first name then last name, or vice versa.

PDF Viewing

When selecting a PDF document name, the PDF opens in a browser window instead of loading in the native application:


PDF Viewing enables faster web viewing of PDF files by streaming data one page at a time. This means you do not need to wait for an entire PDF file to download before viewing. If you only have Adobe Reader, select this check box. If you have Acrobat, do not select this check box. Disabling this feature forces NetDocuments to push (download) the entire document to you before opening or editing. Additionally, you are able to select the View in Browser option for PDF Viewing at any time if you just want to view the PDF.

This functionality is available in all browsers.

Gleam Setting in days

A gleam (blue star) appears on any document or ShareSpace that has been created or modified by another user. You can indicate the number of days that the gleam should remain when a document has been edited by another user. 

Workspace Lists

You can set which workspace list (Favorite or Recent) is the default when importing and filing documents.

Desktop Email Integration

Whenever you email a document from within NetDocuments, NetDocuments uses its own simple HTML email form. There is a simple address book capability, but there is not a WYSIWYG interface. 

To access your own email application's (Outlook) address book and interface, turn on desktop email integration. NetDocuments will launch your email application's New Email feature to deliver the document(s).  

Advanced Filing 

This setting allows users to File documents in multiple locations as well as Unfile documents from a folder (as opposed to Moving or Copying them). This can only be used if the Cabinet is set by an administrator to not Force File documents into folders. Check with your Cabinet Administrator on whether you can use this option.  

Install ndOneClick

This optional component will open and check out the document in its native application, and then guide you to check it back into NetDocuments. Requires the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Learn more 

Browser Search Box

This option allows a user to add NetDocuments as a search provider for their web browser. 


By making this your default search provider, you can search NetDocuments directly from your browser search box without having to begin in NetDocuments. So if I were looking for an email that was related to me, I could enter John Doe msg and it would locate those related emails.

Users will have to ensure the search add-on is enabled under Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers in IE. 

Search Results

Select the number of items to display by default on search result pages. Users can choose from 10, 20, or 50 items.