Adding Saved Searches


Saved Search Overview 

A Saved Search is a powerful tool for dynamically searching, managing, and grouping documents together across one or many NetDocuments Repositories or cabinets. Unlike folders, wherein documents are filed manually, Saved Searches provide a flexible way to locate documents on a specific topic, even if the user doesn't have a specific document in mind. Saved Searches are ideal for large organizations with a higher volume of documents existing across Cabinets and Repositories.

Saved Searches are most powerful where documents have a custom profile, such as Client, Matter or Office. Documents that have been profiled can be easily categorized and dynamically located and grouped into a saved Search for immediate access. To create a Saved Search, a user first does a search, then saves and names that search for future reference. Each time a category is accessed, it performs a new search to display all documents that match that search criteria.

Framework of a Saved Search

A Saved Search is defined with the file extension "ndsq" and can be searched using that extension. Saved Searches are stored and appear as items that can be filed, unfiled, shared, copied, profiled, searched, renamed, placed on the Home Page, etc. In addition, each has its own document-level security. You can set permissions on a Saved Search just as you would a normal document.   

Example of Use

If you are an attorney you are likely working on a particular client's matter. This same client likely has several open matters with dozens of other attorneys working on them in your firm. When you log into NetDocuments and view your Home Page, you may want to immediately locate all documents, discussions, etc. that relate to this particular client matter. These documents could be located across more than one Repository and could be filed or unfiled. You do not want to search out these documents individually, nor do you have time to navigate through folders to locate related documents.

So if the client is XYZ Corporation, and the matter is Personal Injury, you can always locate all documents that are profiled as such, even as relating documents are added to your firm's Repositories each week, day, hour, or minute. To do this you would simply construct your Saved Search criteria through the Advanced Search page. In this case you would type XYZ Corporation in the Client search field, type Personal Injury in the Matter search field, and select to search in one or across many Repositories. As soon as a result returns, simply click on the Save Search menu button. Once created, you can add it to your Home Page for immediate access.

When you return to NetDocuments each day, and as others have added relating documents to the firm's Repository, the Saved Search will dynamically group these documents as though they all existed in a single folder!  

Saved Searches can also be used when using our Mass Export tool to export items that are filed in a workspace instead of a folder.  

Creating a Saved Search

  1. Go to the Advanced Search page.
  2. Enter the Search Criteria to be used to locate and group your results.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Under the Search Results Options, click Save Search.
  5. Enter a name and choose a location to store the Saved Search, such as a folder or workspace. You can also add a Saved Search to a workspace from Workspace Options > Add Saved Search).
  6. If document profiling is required by your firm's Repository administrator, you can complete the Profile for the Saved Search just as you would a document.
  7. When a Saved Search is created, the same default access rights are applied to it as are applied to any new document.  If you want to restrict who can have access to the Saved Search, you should adjust the Access List (this refers to the access to see the Saved Search, not the documents that may appear in the search).
  8. If you will use this Saved Search often, click the star icon next to the Saved Search to add it to your Home Page for quick access.
NOTE: The Sort order can be changed or set after the Saved Search has been created by going to the Edit Scope and Criteria option and selecting the Sort order you desire.
Saved Searches vs. Folders 

A Saved Search is not a folder. Although to a first-time user it may appear as a static container of documents, a Saved Search acts as an instrument that groups documents that relate to search criteria. Documents cannot be filed "in" a Saved Search as you would file "in" a folder.

However, profiling a document in a way that matches the defined criteria of a Saved Search outputs similar results. Every user who has access to a particular document can create a user-defined Saved Search that will locate that document and group it with others. Hence the concept of dynamic! Learn more about using Saved Searches vs Folders.