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This document option provides a method to review documents easily and modify the name, file them into folders, and add discussions linked to the document.  The option is available on folder pages, Saved Searches, and search result pages (the option is only available if one cabinet is included in the search).  The option is also available on the right click menu when one document is selected.  The document review pane will be displayed in a new browser window. 

NOTE: This feature does not currently display Workspace folders.

To use the Review Option, open the list view page and check the documents you want to review, then select the Review option under More Options. You will now see the first document you selected in a Review pane on the right similar to what is shown below.  


On the left side, you will initially see the Profile for that document.  From that left pane, you can also do the following 3 actions. 

1. Rename documents quickly. 

(Edit rights are required to rename a document)  With Edit rights, from this page you can also modify custom attributes that do not have lookup tables, are not required, are not linked to other attributes, are not document security related, and are not notes-type.  After changing the name, click the Save Link to save the change or go to the next or previous document which will also save the changes.  The name will not show in an edit field, if you do not have Edit rights.


2. File documents easily into folders. 

Click the folder tab and you will see which folder the document is currently filed in.  You will also see a list of the 5 last folders that you have selected.  At the bottom, you will see the list of top-level cabinet folders.


3. Add discussions linked to the specific document. 

The rights for the discussion are set only for the creator with VESA rights.


After a discussion has been created, it will display as follows.  A discussion can be replied to and a new discussion can be added from this page.


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