Print Document(s)


Normally, to print a document, you select the Print option in the application that you are using to access the document (such as Word, etc.). Sometimes you may want to print multiple documents at once or print a document without opening it first in the native application. In these cases, in any of the List View pages such as a Saved Search, Folder, Search Results, etc., go to More Options, and select the Print option.

Note: This feature is available with ndClick installed. 

When using the Print option, the NetDocuments Service will print the selected documents using the default printer set for the computer. If you want to adjust any printer settings, you must do it before printing. After you select the Print option, the only adjustment you can make is to set a number of copies in the Print Documents dialog box.

You can also print the cover sheet for scanning using this option.


Most document formats can be printed using the Print option from NetDocuments. Printing will automatically activate the application related to each specific document. You must have the related application installed on your computer to print the documents. The related application must not be running when you click the OK button to print the documents. If an application does not work, you will need to open the application and use the native print feature for that application.