Add Workspace Webpage


Users can embed an external webpage into a workspace using NetDocuments Workspace Connectors. For example, a firm might embed a page from their billing system, a legal research site, news providers, or their CRM system. The workspace then becomes a one-stop portal displaying information about the matter or client. 


A workspace connector is a window on the workspace summary view which calls an external application and uses merge codes to pass the client ID and matter ID (or whatever is the workspace defining attributes) and the user ID, so the external application or website can display useful information about that particular client/matter workspace.  

To add an embedded web page, under Workspace Options, click Add web page.

Enter the Name of the Webpage:


Then, enter the URL. You can also adjust the height of the window that displays the webpage.

If the webpage should be able to be seen by any external user given access to the workspace, check the “Visible to external users” box.

Cabinet Administrators can also add a web page to a workspace template to apply the Workspace Connector to all workspaces. 

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