Email Copy


This allows you to e-mail a copy of a document that exists within NetDocuments to a non-NetDocuments user.

From a list view, select a document, then click Email Copy (it may be under the More menu): 


The Email Copy option is also available from the right-click menu:


The Email Copy dialog will appear as follows:

When entering email addresses in the To field, users will have access to their personal address book

The subject line will be defaulted to the name of the sender and the name of the document, but this may be changed. 

Before you begin e-mailing documents outside of NetDocuments, consider three things:

  • Consider whether you wish to use the standard e-mail dialog provided by NetDocuments, or whether to use integration with Microsoft Outlook to access your personal or corporate address books. To configure NetDocuments to integrate with Outlook, go to Settings > Application Settings. Turn on Desktop Email Integration.
  • Consider security. Remember that this is the only operation from within the service that does not use SSL to transfer data. Your document will be sent via the standard unsecured routes for anyone to trace. If you need to "send" a document securely, we recommend using the powerful features of the ShareSpace, or a Secure Document Delivery.
  • NOTE: If you have installed ndOffice for Outlook, you can access any document in NetDocuments from within the Outlook email interface by using the ND Attach button. You are able to attach multiple documents to an email using this option.