Version Access Restriction


This feature allows users with "A" (Admin) rights to restrict other users' access to individual versions of a document. Document-level security still applies and will govern the document’s visibility in searches and other list views.

Those with Admin rights to a document will see the Modify Access option in the Versions dialog window:


This option will bring up the Modify Access dialog:


Access Restriction List

This is a list of users and groups who are allowed to see a particular version. Those added to the list will retain the level of access set for them at the document level. This means if a user has VES rights to the document, they will retain VES rights to that version (if listed in the list).Those users not in this list will lose all access to the version.

Only users with "A" rights to a document can set version-level access restrictions. Versions that do not have a version access list are accessible to everyone with access to the document.

Version access restrictions cannot be applied to the official version; only the document-level security will apply to the official version.

If a user is prohibited from seeing a version due to access restrictions, that version will not appear in version lists viewed by the user. So the user won't be able to open it, view it, launch it, etc.

If an unofficial version is being made the official and it has version access restrictions, the user will see a confirmation message saying that the version access restrictions will be removed from that version if he continues.

The single-document access dialog will include a new checkbox when displayed for items that can be versioned (not shown for folders, saved searches, workspaces, etc.).  This checkbox is only displayed when the document has more than one version and when the current user has "A" rights to the document.


If the "Do not apply this change to the unofficial versions" checkbox is checked on the access dialog, then when the access dialog’s Close button is clicked the following dialog is displayed prior to closing the access dialog:


Selecting a version in the version list shows who will have access to the version after Accept is clicked, which will be computed as follows:

  Apply the previous access list…
Official version Users and groups in the modified document access list
Unofficial versions with no previous version access restrictions Users and groups in the document access list at the time the access list dialog was opened (prior to the current changes)
Unofficial versions with previous version access restrictions Previous version access restriction list


Users and user groups with N access are not shown in the lists above.

NOTE: If Cancel is clicked, the dialog will close and return to the access dialog with the previous changes still there and the checkbox will not be checked.

The Mass ACL dialog does not automatically create version access restrictions.

Mass Import can set version access restrictions on unofficial versions. Typically during a mass import the versions of a document are imported in order from oldest to newest, the last version imported becomes the official version, and the access list associated with the last version is assigned to the document. This means that if an earlier version of a document granted access to more users than the last version of a document, some of those users will effectively lose rights when the document is imported because those not included in the access list of the newest version will not have access to any version.

Changes to the Version Access will be logged in the document History.

Version access restrictions are preserved when a version is merged into another document and when documents are deleted.