Delete a Document


A user must have "A" (Administer) rights to delete a document. When a document is deleted, it remains in the cabinet, but is flagged as deleted. Generally, based on a Cabinet Administration setting, only Cabinet Administrators can permanently delete (purge) a document from the cabinet.

To delete a document:

  1. From your Recent Docs list, Saved Search, search result, folder, or a ShareSpace, select the item(s) you want to delete.
  2. From the More Options menu, click Delete.
  3. Choose OK to confirm.

NOTE: When a document is deleted, access to it is removed for ALL users except the person who deletes the document (that person had to have "A" Administrator rights to the document to delete it). This deletion is recorded in the History of the document. If the document is then subsequently undeleted, the rights are not restored and its previous location in any folders is not restored.

NOTE: If you delete a document with several versions, all versions will be marked as Deleted. If you delete a single version of a document, that version will be listed as a separate deleted document, and its original access list will be retained. 

Searching for Deleted Items

A user can perform a search of deleted items using the Advanced Search page to view them or to undelete them. Enter the search criteria and then check the "Deleted items only" field at the bottom of the Advanced Search page. The option to Undelete is under the More Options menu. 

NOTE: If you delete an item that was previously filed in a folder, the undelete option does not refile that item in the folder. Instead, it simply restores it to the Cabinet, wherein it can be searched. You will need to choose to file the item(s) in a folder again as it is undeleted. Also, when a document is undeleted, no access rights are changed. The original rights for that document will need to be reset manually by the person who deleted it and still has rights to the document.

Undeleting Items

From the Advanced Search page, and depending on the settings of your account, you can select any number of deleted items and click Undelete from the Options menu. A user has the option to restore the items to the Cabinet, unfiled, or choose to file the items in a specific folder. Learn more about Undeleting Documents.

To permanently remove (purge) documents from the Cabinet:

(This feature can be set so only Cabinet Administrators can permanently delete documents from the Cabinet). We recommend that this flag be set so only Cabinet Administrators can permanently delete documents.

  1. Use the Advanced Search to locate the deleted items by checking the Deleted Items box and adding any other selection criteria you choose.
  2. Select the items to be permanently removed.
  3. From the More Options menu, click Delete
  4. Choose OK to confirm.

Once an item is permanently deleted (purged) from the Cabinet, it is not retrievable from anywhere.

NOTE: If you have added a Home Page shortcut to an item that is later deleted, the shortcut will be removed also. The item will also be removed from all user's Recent Documents lists. 

Restoring or rolling back a document

In some cases, a document version can be restored to a previous date by your Cabinet Administrator using the Rollback a Document feature.

Always have your Administrator check the Deleted Items for the document before attempting to have it restored.