Create a New Version


NetDocuments users are able to create or save a new version in a number of ways, as outlined below.

For more information about Version Management, click here.

Check In as New Version 

There are multiple ways to save a document as a new version. The option is available from within Word when using the Office Integrations under Save As. It is also available under the Check-In List button at the top right. 

Alternatively, from a List View page, in the Document Options menu, select Check In as New Version to create a new version or a subversion, and then immediately check in the previous version.


Clicking on this option will keep the version of the document you opened intact and save your changes to a new version. You can open the individual versions by clicking on Versions from the Document Options menu, which includes the options as described above.


Import/Upload a New Version 

If you click the Upload Version on the Document Details Panel, you can select a local document and import it as a new version of the selected online document. It will be imported as the official version by default.

If you have an attachment to an email that you want to save as a new version, this is the best option to use. Just drag the attachment in the email to your Desktop, then use this option to save it as a new version of an existing document in NetDocuments.

You can also use ndOffice to Save a document as a new version of an existing document. You will be shown the Save As dialog, where you can locate the document where you want the new version to be kept.

Add a New Version:

To add a new version directly from an existing version:

  1. In the Versions dialog box of a document, select the Add Version
  2. Choose Full version or Subversion.
  3. Enter a version name and a description (optional) for the new version.
  4. Select or clear the Official Version check box.
  5. Select OK. Now you are able to open the new version.


Automatically Creating Versions

A user can turn on auto-versioning for a document. Auto-versioning means that when another user edits the document (other than the person who enabled the setting), a new version will be created. If the person who enabled the setting edits the document, then it will not automatically create a new version. The document will stay in this auto-version mode until the user disables the auto-versioning option. 

To set the Auto-versioning option for a document, go to the document's More Options menu and select the Auto Version option. 


You can also select multiple documents at a time to enable auto-versioning.  You can also add this option to the right click menu if you choose.

To disable Auto-versioning, use the same option and select the Disable radio button as shown below.