View Document URL


You can view the URL of any document. You can also copy this URL and paste it into any browser address bar to access the document directly or you can use this URL in any other application you choose. For instance, it could be pasted into a Word document as a link to the document. It could also be saved on your Desktop so you can access the document directly from the Desktop.

This feature can also be used in place of the Email Link option if a desktop email application (such as Outlook) cannot be used. You can copy and paste this link into another email system (such as Gmail) to send someone a link to a document. Anyone who clicks on the link will need to have access to it. It is not a "public" link. Learn more about Secure Document Links

To view the Document URL, scroll down to the Locations section in the Document Details Panel. There you will see the URL.


Using the right-click menu, you can also copy document links and paste them directly into an email: