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This option provides two capabilities: 

1. Allows you to save links to websites, using your NetDocuments account as a portable Favorites list that travels with you anywhere in the world. 

2. Allows you to store links to files that are stored locally on a shared drive or server. These are generally files that are too large to upload into NetDocuments. This option requires the ActiveX to be installed in Internet Explorer.

To Save a Link:

1. Go to Add > Link/URL:


2. Enter the URL of the web link. Users in Internet Explorer will have an additional option to browse to a local file. 


3. (Optional) Change the name of the Web page or the local file reference. This does not change the URL or the local file name you entered in the previous field.

4. Select the folder, ShareSpace, or workspace where you want the Link stored.

5. Click OK. The Link is now stored in your cabinet and can be placed on your Home page for easier access. 

NOTE: When a URL is created, it will inherit any profile values from the folder like other objects, but it does not require all profile fields to be completed since it is only a reference to a location where the content may not be permanent. If you want keep the actual content of the page, you should copy it and save it as a Word document or some other document type that will retain the actual content as opposed to just a link. Many browsers allow you to save a webpage as a PDF, which can then be imported into NetDocuments.

NOTE: When you choose to save a link to a local file, that file will only be accessible from NetDocuments if the local file is physically available from that local computer. It does not store the actual file in NetDocuments.

You can also create a shortcut in Windows to a file or folder, then use the drag-and-drop method to upload the shortcut into NetDocuments. This will save the shortcut as a .lnk file type. 

You can accomplish the same thing by creating a .bat file in the same folder you want to link to with the following command in it:

start "" /b "<UNC path to folder - or Drive Letter Path to Folder>"

Then create a link in NetDocuments to the .bat file.

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