Save a Link/URL




To save a link:

  1. Go to Add > Link/URL:


  1. Select the type of link you want to save:
  • Web page (URL) - link to the website
  • Local file - link to a file or folder that is stored locally, on a network server, or on a shared drive (requires ndClick 1.3.1 or higher). The content of the file or folder is not imported into NetDocuments


Note: It is recommended that linked files and folders be located in an accessible location (shared drive) and that UNC paths (\\server\share) be used instead of drive letters.

3. (Optional) Change the name of the Web page or the file or folder reference. This does not change the URL or the local file or folder name.

4. Select the location where you want the Link stored.

5. Click OK. The link is now stored in the selected location. 

NOTE: When a link is created, it will inherit any profile values from the folder like other objects, but it does not require all profile fields to be completed since it is only a reference to a location where the content may not be permanent. 

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