Move/Copy a Document


Once you have added or created documents and other items in NetDocuments, you can MoveCopy or File them to another location.

Move is equivalent to cut and paste. Copy is equivalent to copy and paste. If you choose to Move a document, it will no longer be stored in its original location (the exception to this is when moving an item into a folder from a search results page). 

File places an instance of the document in another folder (the document is linked in more than one place). This option does NOT remove it from the original folder. File is available only if 1) Force Filing is not enabled in the cabinet and 2) you enable the option in Settings > Application Settings. You can also Unfile a document from a folder. Learn more about Advanced Filing

NOTE: If you have workspaces enabled and you want to move a document to another workspace, or between filters on a workspace, then you do NOT need to use the Move/Copy or File options. Rather, simply change the document's profile values and the document will be moved to the new location accordingly. 

To Move/Copy a Document

  • Open the folder that contains the item you want to copy.

  • Mark the box next to the item.

  • Select Move/Copy under the Options menu on the right.

  • You are then prompted to choose the cabinet or folder that you wish to place the copy in. If you choose to Copy, you will be prompted to rename the new document. Copying will only copy the official version of the source document.  


If you have custom profiles enabled, copying a document will invoke the new document's profile page so that you can edit the document's profile where necessary.


In addition to the Move/Copy option, you can also drag and drop items from the center panel into folders and workspaces in the Navigation pane on the left-hand side.

NOTE: When Moving, the document is not only moved, but also "removed" from the source entirely, unless you are moving the items from a search result page. This means it will no longer be accessible to anyone in the original location (they may have access to the new location).  

NOTE: You cannot Move or Copy a folder to a different cabinet than where it resides. 

Access Rights when Moving Documents

  • When moving a document from one workspace (or folder) to another, the document will inherit the access of the destination workspace (or folder). Users need E (edit) rights to move documents. But, if the move will result in removing other user's access rights, then users need A (administer) rights to move the folder. If a user doesn't have VESA rights to a document, and the access is going to change, then they can’t move it.
  • If UserA uploads a document, the document will have UserA|VESA and the cabinet default.
  • If UserB moves it to a different workspace, the system will attempt to remove UserA’s VESA access, leaving just the cabinet default. Since UserB doesn’t have VESA access to the document, he can’t do this and will get an error message.
  • When moving directly to a workspace we do not retain the current user’s access (if explicitly listed in the access list). We DO retain the access when moving to a folder or filter. 
  • To move a document to another cabinet, you must have VESA rights to the document and you must have access to the new cabinet.  The Repository/Cabinet where the cabinet is located must also allow moving documents to another cabinet in another Repository.

 Learn more about Access Inheritance