How to Change Your Username


Users have the ability to change their username. 

Changing a Username

To change your username, go to Settings > Personal Information.


Click Edit


Enter a new username and your current password. Usernames in NetDocuments must be unique, meaning no other NetDocuments user can share the same username. If a username has already been taken, you will not be able to use that username. 

Each user account has the following attributes:

  • Display Name: 1) First Name, 2) initial, 3) Last Name [required]
  • Email Address: e.g.  [required]
  • Service ID:  e.g. Vault. [Service records this value]
  • Common Name (CN) or username:  e.g. “James”  [required]
  • User GUID: [Service ID] – [CN].  e.g. VAULT-james. This user GUID is displayed on the “User Details” dialog accessible by the repository administrator under Repository Membership.

Prior to 15.3, a username was recorded in the common name (CN) field above, which is a non-changeable field. We used the CN for two different purposes – it contained the username (or userid) as well as serving as one part of the user’s GUID. Because it is used as part of the user GUID, it can’t be modified.

  • ndUsername: This field is changeable by the user.

Users created prior to 15.3 will have an empty value in the ndUsername field. The CN will continue to function as the username and as part of the GUID. After 15.3, these users may change their username, with the new username value being stored in the ndUsername field and the CN value will remain untouched. This preserves the value of the user’s GUID, while allowing a way to record a new username for the user.

When a user logs in and provides a username and password, ND will first look for that username value in the ndUsername field. If there are no matches, then it will look for the given username in the CN field. Users created after 15.3 will have the username value stored in the ndUsername field, while the CN will be a randomly generated sequence of characters, as seen in other GUIDS in NetDocuments, such as cabinets and repositories. 

If the requested name is in use, but it is in the CN field of the current user, then that change will be allowed, which in essence, allows the current user to revert back to his or her previous username.


The common name, email address, and username are unique values across the entire NetDocuments Service. 

If a password is not entered on the Change Username dialog and the user clicks OK, the user will be prompted to provide a new username.

When a username is already taken, the user will get a red message asking to choose another username.  

If the changed username is accepted, dialog will display: " Your username has been changed from “xxx” to “xxx” but it may take a few minutes before the change takes effect."

An existing user who changes his/her username and then wants to revert back to the original will be able to if the account was created prior to 15.3.

If the user has logged into NetDocuments via federated identity, the user will not be permitted to change their username.

Repository Administrators

Repository administrators will reference the User GUID or email address in areas like the Access column of lookup tables and they can go to User Details to locate the user’s unique identifier being the user GUID. 

Repository administrators will also receive an email notification when a user has changed his/her username.