ndOffice Advanced Logging


ndOffice installation logger

This tool is used to debug a failing installation or uninstallation

  1. Place the install or uninstall script in the same directory as the ndOfficeSetup.msi.

  2. Run install.cmd to log the installation

  3. Run uninstall.cmd to log the uninstallation

The log files will be found in the same directory as the install.cmd, uninstall.cmd and the ndOffice msi.

ndOffice Install Logger


ndOffice Advanced Logging (Trace logs)

These scripts used to turn "tracing" on and off for ndOffice via registry changes in order to attempt to debug a problem for which the default log files are insufficient.  (Elevated privileges are required.)

If enabled you will see a "TracingEnabled" value in the registry under HKCU|Software|Netvoyage|NetDocuments.  It will be set to "True" if enabled and "False" if disabled.

When tracing is enabled, the log files will increase in size gradually. If this is a problem for your environment, you can disable the Trace logging without needing to remove the registry entry.

You cannot disable the default standard logging. Changing this registry entry modifier to "False" will only disable the verbose trace logging. 

The logs can be found in the standard log location for ndOffice. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\NetDocuments\Logs

You can navigate to that location via the system tray. Right click the ndOffice icon, choose help, report a problem and view logs.

ndOffice Tracing