User Locked Out Due to Exceeding Storage Limit


ShareSpaces you receive are stored in a cabinet called My Cabinet. If you have added more than 3 MB to your My Cabinet your NetDocuments account will be locked out after the 7 day warning period. The warning pictured below is what a user will see on their NetDocuments Home Page if they have gone over their 3 MB storage limit.

Learn more about My Cabinet 


If you do not notice this message or you fail to remove the items in your Cabinet Inbox within the 7 days outlined, then your account will be locked.

When the account is locked you will get the following message on the NetDocuments login page when you try to login:


If you get this message you will need to go to and submit a request to NetDocuments Support to get the suspension lifted. When the suspension has been lifted you will then be able to log in to NetDocuments. But, you will again see the storage limit warning displayed in picture #1 above.

At this point, your objective is to get the storage total under the 3 MB limit. You have two options to choose from: 

Option 1: 

You can move the documents from your My Cabinet into a ShareSpace. If the documents are in the My Inbox folder you can check the box next to the documents and choose Group Options and Move/Copy as shown.


The Move/Copy window will appear and you will need to expand the My Inbox folder in order to see the ShareSpace(s). In this example, the ShareSpace is called "Client Portal." Each ShareSpace name will be followed by "(ShareSpace)" for easy identification. Select the ShareSpace by clicking on it, selecting it in blue, and choosing the Move option.


Choosing Move will remove the documents from your folder and place them in your ShareSpace. Items in ShareSpaces do not count towards the 3MB of storage space.  

Option 2:

You can delete the documents from your My Cabinet and then empty the trash.

Check the box for the documents in your My Cabinet that you would like to delete and choose group options and Delete.

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.


The documents will now be removed from your the folder but you will need to empty the trash before your storage total will be lowered. Deleted items in My Cabinet count towards the storage limit. 

To empty the trash you will need to run an Advanced Search to find the deleted items.

*NOTE: When a document is deleted it is indexed, so based on the number of documents deleted, it may take a few minutes for the document to show up in the deleted items list.

Click Advanced Search at the top center of your page. Click "clear search criteria" to clear the page before starting. In this example we will do a relative date search. Highlighted in red we have entered a "-10000" in the Last Modified by "Date" field and check the box at the bottom for deleted items only. This will run a search for all items deleted in the last 10,000 days.



Without checking any of the individual items in the list, click "Search Result Options" in the upper right corner and select "delete all results." You will be prompted to type the word DELETE as this is permanently removing the documents from NetDocuments.


That's it! You should now be below the storage limit so the next time you log in you will not get the storage limit warning. 


  • If you do not see any items listed in your My Inbox or any other folders you've created then you will need to do an Advanced Search similar to the search above but you will leave the Deleted Items Only unchecked. This will search for all unfiled items in My Cabinet. Be aware that a search like this may return some items already in a ShareSpace. Use caution when deleting documents. 
  • You may have already deleted the documents so they may not show up in your folders or searches.  In this case you can go directly to the search for deleted items outlined in Option 2 above.  If documents show up in this search then the last step is to delete them from the trash.
  • Storage totals for documents in a ShareSpace will NOT count against your My Cabinet's 3 MB limit.