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Keyboard shortcuts are available in NetDocuments for quicker retrieval. For example, you could use Ctrl+Shift+S to quickly access the Advanced Search page.  

The following are all the keyboard shortcuts available:

Area Action Shortcut
Global End of the page/list Ctrl + END
Global Top of the page/list  Ctrl + HOME
Global Open document in read-only mode (does not check it out) Ctrl + CLICK
Global Home Page Ctrl + Shift + O
Global Navigation Pane Ctrl + Shift + V
Global Recent Documents Ctrl + Shift + R
Global Favorite Documents Ctrl + Shift + F
Global Add Ctrl + Shift + A
Global Upload Ctrl + Shift + U
Global Blank Document Ctrl + Shift + K
Global Personal Menu (Hi, ...) Ctrl + Shift + I
Global Workspace selector (Go to a ...) Ctrl + Shift + G
Global Quick Search Ctrl + Alt + Q
Global Advanced Search Ctrl + Shift + S
Global Move to next field, such as on the Advanced Search page or Edit Profile page Tab
Global Open lookup dialog on the Advanced Search page or Edit Profile page F2
Menu Highlight/select next item Down arrow
Menu Highlight/select previous item Up arrow
Menu/List View Select (open) document or menu item Enter
List View Select another item Ctrl + click
List View Select a range of items Shift + click
List View Extend selection to next item Shift + Down arrow
List View Extend selection to previous item Shift + Up arrow
List View Highlight next item (no selection) Ctrl + Down arrow
List View Highlight previous item (no selection) Ctrl + Up arrow
List View Select/unselect highlighted item Space bar
List View Access Document Comparison software (if installed) F9
Summary View Expand all sections Ctrl + Alt + "+"
Summary View Collapse all sections Ctrl + Alt + "-" 
Workspace Summary View Switch to List View Ctrl + Alt + L
Workspace List View Switch to Summary View Ctrl + Alt + S
List View Open/close the Filter menu (All/Docs/Emails) Ctrl + Alt + F
List View When an item is selected, open/close the More drop-down Ctrl + Alt + M

List View

Open or switch to the Details pane. Focus will stay on the List.

Ctrl + Alt + D

List View

Open or switch to the Preview pane. Focus will stay on the List.

Ctrl + Alt + P


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