Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are available in NetDocuments for quicker retrieval. 

The following are the keyboard shortcuts available:

Area Action Shortcut
Global Go to the end of the page/list Ctrl+End
Global Go to the top of the page/list  Ctrl+Home
Global Open document in read-only mode (without checking out) Ctrl+Click
Global Go to Home  Ctrl+ Shift+O
Global Open the Navigation Pane Ctrl+Shift+V
Global Go to Recent Documents Ctrl+Shift+R
Global Go to Favorite Documents Ctrl+Shift+F
Global Apply the Add button Ctrl+Shift+A
Global Upload documents  Ctrl+Shift+U
Global Create a new document Ctrl+Shift+K
Global Go to the personal menu (Hi, ...) Ctrl+Shift+I
Global Find a workspace (Go to a ...) Ctrl+Shift+G
Global Quick Search Ctrl+Alt+Q
Global Advanced Search Ctrl+Shift+S
Global Move to the next box in a form Tab
Global Open lookup dialog (if in a lookup field) F2
Menu Highlight/select next item Down arrow
Menu Highlight/select previous item Up arrow
Menu/List View Select (open) document or menu item Enter
List View Select another item Ctrl + click
List View Select a range of items Shift + click
List View Extend selection to next item Shift + Down arrow
List View Extend selection to previous item Shift + Up arrow
List View Highlight next item (no selection) Ctrl + Down arrow
List View Highlight previous item (no selection) Ctrl + Up arrow
List View Select/unselect highlighted item Space bar
List View Compare two versions of the same document or two selected documents (in any browser) F9
Summary View Expand all sections Ctrl + Alt + "+"
Summary View Collapse all sections Ctrl + Alt + "-" 
Workspace Summary View Switch to List View Ctrl + Alt + L
Workspace List View Switch to Summary View Ctrl + Alt + S
List View Open/close the Filter menu (All/Docs/Emails) Ctrl + Alt + F
List View When an item is selected, access the More menu Ctrl + Alt + M

List View

Open or switch to the Details pane. Focus will stay on the List.

Ctrl + Alt + D

List View

Open or switch to the Preview pane. Focus will stay on the List.

Ctrl + Alt + P

List View

When an item is selected, access the Power Bar

Ctrl + Alt + W