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Home Page Overview

The NetDocuments Home Page is the page you normally start with when you log into NetDocuments.  Certain items on the page are part of the standard NetDocuments page layout as described below. No other user can add items to your Home Page.  The Home Page is also your customize-able personal "portal" to your documents, Saved Searches, cabinets, folders, discussions, and external websites. Learn how to Customize Your Home Page.

Here is an example of a Home Page:


NOTE: Update notifications, scheduled maintenance events, etc., will display at the top of the home page to notify users several days before those events occur.  As you add items to your Home page, it will impact the display time when you login.  We suggest you manage your Home page actively so as to not accumulate too many items and increase the display time.  This applies especially to folders that you add to the Home page.

NetDocuments Display Structure

Navigation Pane

On the left hand side you will see the Navigation pane. This is used to navigate to all cabinets, folders, and workspaces in NetDocuments to which you have access. You will also see a drop-down arrow next to a cabinet name. From this drop-down menu, you can select which cabinet to navigate to.  If Workspaces have been enabled on your Cabinet, you will see the workspaces (Matters, etc.) listed below after you have selected the cabinet. You can switch back and forth between workspaces and folders. If you do not have workspaces enabled, you will only see the cabinet folder structure in the panel on the left.

Search Ribbon

NetDocuments will always display a blue ribbon called the Search Ribbon at the top of the page.  Most actions can be accomplished from this menu. The links are always available on the main pages in NetDocuments.   The Search Ribbon links available are as follows:

Using the Search Ribbon

Upload - To upload (import) existing documents into NetDocuments from a local device.

New - Click New to create a new document from within NetDocuments. The Search Ribbon relates to the item that is open on the page you are on. For example, Upload or New allows you to add documents to the specific folder, cabinet, or workspace you are currently in or displaying.  Under the New drop down menu, you can also scan, add links, etc.

Search - This tool can help you find the documents or folders you are looking for. To perform a quick Simple Search, type your search criteria directly into the search box on the Search Ribbon. For a search with more search criteria and options, you can click Advanced Search. The search will relate to the cabinet you are currently in unless you change the cabinet search scope. You perform an Email Search by clicking the Email icon immediately to the right of the Simple Search box. 

Here are a few examples of searches you can do from the Simple Search box. You can copy and paste the criteria directly into the search box.

Created by me =6(username

Document name =3(document name)

Document created by me =3(document name) =6(username)

Folder name =3(folder name) =11(ndfld)

Created last week =5(^-7+0)

Word documents created by me =6(username) =11(docx OR doc) 

Recent Docs - Clicking on Recent Documents will take you to your recently Edited, Opened, and Added documents. From there you can perform any action on any of the documents. If you click the Recent Documents drop-down menu button, you will see the five most recently Edited, Opened, and Added documents. You can click any document name to open it. Clicking on one of the three headings in the drop-down list will take you directly to the Recent Documents List showing the last 40 documents you Edited, Opened, or Added depending on which heading you selected.

My Email - Clicking on My Email will show you All Email, Received Email, and Sent Email

Home - The Home link is at the beginning of the bread crumb that can be found just below the Search Ribbon. Clicking on it will always return you to your Home Page. If you do not see this link, then you are on your Home Page. 

Personal Settings (links)

Across the top right-hand side of every main page are the Personal Settings above the Search Ribbon.  These Settings include Log Out, Settings, and Help. 

Logout is to be used when you are finished using NetDocuments for a period of time.  It clears out any temporary cookies and also prompts you to check in any documents that you may not have checked in already.  If you forget to use the button, everything will still work OK.  The cookies automatically expire after a short time period.

Settings contains personal account settings which you define when using NetDocuments such as changing your email or password, installing Office Integrations, etc. Learn more about user account Settings.

Help is a valuable component of the NetDocuments Service. It provides all of the documentation for using NetDocuments.  We urge you to become familiar with it and use it as your first resource when needing assistance with the NetDocuments Service. 

Left/Right Click Options Button

Each document/item has an associated left click menu.  This menu can be found by hovering over the document until a round double arrow button appears to the far right of the name. Clicking on this button will show you all the options available for that document. 

On the Home Page you may also use the right click to see other Options. You can customize this list to include the Options you most frequently use. You do this by right clicking on a document and select Customize Menu. In this menu, you can drag and drop Options to customize which ones appear in the right click menu. Learn how to Custom the Right-Click Menu.

Cabinet Page Overview

Each Cabinet also has an associated Cabinet page which is managed and designed by the Cabinet Administrator. 

A Cabinet Administrator may want to post links on the Cabinet page to web sites that are used frequently by members of your company. Your Home Page and the Organization's Cabinet Page are almost identical with one key difference: the Home Page is controlled by the individual user and the Cabinet Page is controlled by the Cabinet Administrator and is visible to all members of the cabinet.

The Cabinet Administrator can add firm-wide documents and folders to the Cabinet Page to can make them easily accessible to all cabinet users.

At the top of the Navigation pane, clicking the word "Cabinet" will navigate you to the Cabinet Page of the cabinet you have selected. Since cabinet pages function similar to Home Pages, the information in this article for adding items generally applies to both the Home Page and the Cabinet Page. However, to add an item to the Cabinet page, you will right-click on the star next to the item that you are adding to the Cabinet page. This will give you the option to add the item to the cabinet page.

To remove an item from the cabinet page, hover over the item, then click the round options button that appears. You'll see an option to "remove from page." 

NOTE: If you are an External User and have never changed your Home Page AND you belong to only one Cabinet, you will start on the Cabinet page instead of your Home Page whenever you login to NetDocuments.

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