ndOffice Issues related to Doc ID in Headers and Footers




Header being removed by ndOffice.


This is due to the way ndOffice is using the Microsoft header/footer control and there is a conflict in how its set up in Word. 


If a document template has a header, e.g., logo, and it’s getting removed upon the first save of the document to ND, via ndOffice, than have the user change their ndOffice ID stamping from “Footer every page” to  “Footer every page, except first.”  



Doc ID can't be updated due to lack of space in the footer.


If you are using Footer Every Page or Footer Every Page, Except First, the ID will be stamped at the bottom of the footer (below any existing footer content). If the Footer From Bottom setting in Word is not large enough for the ID, users will get the prompt “Doc ID can't be updated due to lack of space in the footer”.  


What the user should do is go in and adjust the Footer from Bottom setting in Word to allow enough room to insert the ID. Generally, it may need to be at least .2" for the Footer From Bottom setting.

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