Adding Folders


There are three ways to Add a Folder in NetDocuments:

1)  On the Cabinet Page, click Cabinet Options to find Add Folder. This will be a top-level cabinet folder.


Or, from the navigation pane, select Add top-level folder:


2)  A new folder can also be created on the fly when adding or uploading a new document. A prompt will appear in the folder list to 'add folder' or 'add subfolder' and you can highlight that prompt to add the folder or subfolder. Before the document is uploaded, you will be prompted to name the new folder.


in ndOffice, use the Add Folder button:


3)  A subfolder can be created by clicking "Folder Options" in a folder view or "Workspace Options" in a workspace summary view. This will be a subfolder to the folder or workspace you are currently in.


Any folder can be placed on your Home Page by clicking the gray star next to the folder name after you have created it.

NOTE: Documents placed into a folder always inherit the custom profile values defined for the folder. Depending on your cabinet access settings, items placed into a folder may inherit the access of that folder. 

Folder Name Guidelines:

  • Maximum of 1000 characters
  • Invalid Characters: [tab] \ / : * ? " < > |