Document and Workspace Options and User Rights


Your options will vary based on your access rights to the document, workspace, or folder. Below is a summary of the rights required for various options. 

Option Name Description Access Required
 Add a Folder Adds a new subfolder to the current folder or workspace.  Edit and   Share
 Approve Sets a temporary Approved box next to the document name.  Subsequent changes rescind previous approvals, but the approval date and time is tracked in the History.   Edit
 Check In Saves document changes and then Check In uploads them to NetDocuments and releases the document to be accessed and modified by others.   Edit
 Check In as New  Version This option is available only when you open and modify the document.  Keeps the document version you opened intact and saves your changes to another version.   The option is available from the Check In List, from the More Options menu, and from the right-click menu.   Edit
 Check Out Manually checks out the document to your local PC and locks it from being edited by other users until the document is manually checked in.  Useful when modifying the document while you have no connection to the Internet.   Edit
 Create New Version Create a modified copy of a document, without modifying the original or Official Version. To change the official version you need either Admin or Edit rights depending on a flag setting at the Cabinet level. Click Versions, and then Options in the Document Details panel. The Versions dialog will appear to manage document versions.   Edit
 Delete Deletes the document and places it in the Deleted Items status until removed.   Admin
 Deliver a secured link Allows users to send a link to an external party to view/download the document   View
 Download Saves a copy of the document on your local PC.   View
 Email Copy Sends a copy of the document as an email attachment using your native client email software.   View
 Email Link Sends an email notification to users with access and includes a link directly to the document   View
 Follow A setting a user can define on a folder or document to receive an email when changes are made.  For a folder, the Follow email is sent when a new document is added to the folder.   Edit
 History Displays past actions by all users for the document   View
 Link Found under Group Options by selecting two or more documents, this option allows a user to connect those documents via a link.   Edit
 Modify Access Users with Share rights can Modify the Access List.  Others can view the Access list.  Allows users with Share rights to add users to the access list with the same rights or less.   Share or    Admin
 Move/Copy 1) Unfiles and Moves the document from the current folder or cabinet, but not from other folders in which it may be filed OR 2) Makes a copy of the document with a new profile and assigns a new Document ID. Only View rights are required to copy a document.  Admin/   View
 Open with >  Opens the document(s) in its native application or in the online editor.   View
 Print Allows you to print documents without accessing the application.   View
 Print Cover Sheet Prints a barcode for a profile to use in scanning a document to be attached to that profile. OR Creates a profile to describe the location of a physical document. Cabinet Administrators can add additional information to the document cover sheet.   Edit
 Print List Allows a user to print a listing of the documents in a table (not the contents of the documents).   View
 Rename Renames the document. Renaming a folder requires Admin (A) rights to the folder.   Edit
 Review Provides a review mode displaying profile and document view in one page.   View
 Send to Application Provides integration with 3rd party apps like Workshare or Comparedocs.   View
 Share Externally Places the document in a ShareSpace for secured external sharing.   Admin
 Sign Document Signs the document using a digital certificate registered to the user.  This renders the document "uneditable" by anyone and the ShareSpace can no longer be deleted.   Edit
 View in Browser Views the document in the browser in HTML format. The user cannot edit this format. When Viewing a document from a List View page, you have the option to view the Next or Previous document in the List View.    View