Multi-value Profile (MVP) Fields


Administrator Notes

Administrators may designate profile fields as "multiple-value" fields, which allows users to input multiple values into that field (example: Author = John Dough, Michael Smith, Steven Brown).

To enable the multiple value profile (MVP) feature, edit a Profile Attribute in Repository Administration. On the Profile Attribute Definition screen, check the box labeled "Allow multiple values."

NOTE: Parent attributes may not be designated as MVP fields.

User Notes

When an attribute is designated as an MVP field, users may assign multiple values to that field on documents. NOTE: Multiple values cannot be assigned to workspaces, workspace templates, workspace filters, or folders. 

Entering MVP values

On the Edit Profile screen, users can enter multiple values in an MVP field by selecting them from the lookup table or typing them directly in the field (MVP fields only display lookup tables, not drop-down selections).

When selecting values from the lookup table, users can Ctrl+click to select multiple values:

Values will appear in the profile field in the order they appeared in the lookup dialog:

Keys for the values will be displayed in the field. The term “Multiple values” will be displayed in place of the value descriptions.

Multiple values are separated by a semi-colon, whether they are selected from the lookup table or typed directly into the field.

Primary MVP Value

When using multiple values, the first value in the field will be identified as the "primary" value.  All ACL/inheritance (including Link Author as User) will be based on the primary value. Changing the order of the values in the field will change the primary value.

NOTE: The first value is the only item for which order is important; the order of the other values in the field does not impact security, filing location, or searching for the document.

Viewing MVP fields

List Views will display the primary value in the appropriate column. Users can hover over the value to see additional values:

Searching MVP fields

All values in the MVP field are searched. For example, a user could search for Author=”OOO” and the document would be located in the search results:

Although the primary MVP value is “BBB” (which is displayed in List View), all MVP values are searched and documents that meet the criteria are returned.

As in all searches, using OR in a search will return documents with either value in it.


Multi-value Matters

When the workspace organizing attribute (generally the Matter field) is designated as an MVP field, selecting multiple values will cause the document to appear in multiple workspaces. The document's access will be determined by the primary value when PBS is used.

ndOffice support for MVP

Multi-value profile fields are supported in ndOffice version 2.2 and later.