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NetDocuments provides a native Android app providing our customers a more feature-rich mobile experience for viewing, sharing, and adding documents using Android devices. It is available at no charge from the Google Play Store.

Current version: 1.5.0. Get it on the Google Play Store.

NOTE: NetDocuments supports versions 7.0 and later of Android with this app. 

Logging In

Users will see the standard login page.  

You can go to Settings to turn on the “automatic login” option, and to turn on/off a passcode lock that could be required upon entering the app. 

When pressing the device's home button, the app goes to background mode but does not log out.

To use your organization's login, refer to our article on Using Federated Identity login on Mobile Apps.

Accessing the NetDocuments UK, DE, and AU Services

If your firm stores its documents at the UK, DE, or AU datacentres, you can choose to access your service by clicking on the ellipses on the login page. There you will have the option to choose either the US (Vault) service, the UK service, the DE service, or the AU service. The US service is the default.

The main navigation buttons include Search, Home, Cabinets, Recent Documents, Offline, Upload, and Settings. 

The search field allows you to search in fields such as Name, Document ID, Everything (all fields) and file extension. 


Selecting Home will display the Home page, including the section headings and documents.



Selecting Cabinets takes you to the Cabinet Selector. Select the Cabinet you wish to display. The cabinet's folders and/or workspaces will then be displayed


You can sort items by Name, Modified By, or Modified By:


View document versions, profile information, or sharing options:


Tap the Share button at the bottom to send a link to a contact:


Viewing a Document

To view a document and its details, tap the document name. 



“Recent” will show the 40 most recently Opened, Edited, or Added items. Users can view the list by:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Day before yesterday
  • Last week
  • Older than two weeks


Offline Mode

This pane displays the documents that have been selected to be downloaded to the local mobile device. Documents that are taken offline currently can be viewed only by opening them in another app on the device.  With the release of version 1.1, documents taken offline can be viewed in the app when there is no internet connection.

On the preview page for each document, an option is available to enable or disable offline mode for each document. 

You can remove items from offline by un-selecting the Offline option. This only removes the document(s) on the local device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, you can't use the SmartView viewer while you are in offline mode.


Android doesn’t encrypt data when users turn on the device’s passcode. Because of this, NetDocuments uses additional encryption for database and sensitive user data on Android. Users should manually enable device-level encryption.

Database and sensitive data are encrypted with AES-256. The 64-byte key is encrypted with RSA using the public key. RSA private key is securely stored in the Android Keystore.

If the user forgot their app passcode, he/she can reinstall the app. All data will be deleted. 

Offline documents are encrypted locally. 


This pane allows you to:

  • Logout
  • View your email address. The email address identifies the user’s account.
  • View the storage space usage.
  • Enable or disable a passcode lock. See below for more information. 
  • Enable/disable automatic login
  • View the in-app Help documentation
  • Send feedback or request support
  • View the current app version


Passcode Lock

Typically, users with automated login have this feature enabled providing an additional layer of security.

NOTE: Once established and turned on, whenever the user opens the app, the passcode is displayed. If the passcode is forgotten, NetDocuments Support cannot reset the passcode or otherwise recover the user's access to login to the app. 

After enabling the passcode, the user can choose to use their fingerprint in place of the passcode.

Differences between Android and iOS App

The Android app and the iOS app support the same basic features. However, there are some key differences:

  • Currently, the Android app is less mature than the iOS app and does not include certain features. 
  • The user interface of the Android app is different from the iOS app, due to different design standards for each platform.

Learn more about the NetDocuments iOS app