Update Notes - ndSync for Mac


Below are the changes included in each release of ndSync for Mac.

Version Number Release Date Notes
2.4.0 (2983) 10 Nov 2020
  • Support for the NetDocuments DLP product
  • Support for the Lock Document feature in NetDocuments
  • Support for additional service regions:
    DE (Germany)
    US-GOV (Government)
  • Bug fixes
2.3.5 (3261) 19 Nov 2019
  • Moving locally synced content is treated as a move on the server
  • Synced content can be deleted from the server ONLY using the ndSync "Delete" action, which can be performed on multiple documents and individual folders
  • Indicator when maximum number of documents in a container have been synced
  • Unofficial versions remain on the device
  • Zero-byte files cannot be synced to the server
  • Support for CollabSpaces
  • Support for document and folder names up to 1,000 characters in length with a dedicated Rename action.
  • A warning is shown when adding content to a container that is part of the ndSync folder tree but where the container itself has not been synced
  • Bug fixes
2.2.0 (2422) 28 Nov 2018
  • Performance enhancements
  • Indicator when maximum number of documents in a container have been synced
  • Unofficial versions remain on the device
  • Zero-byte files cannot be synced to the server
  • Log files will be split into smaller chunks and only maintained for a week
  • Bug fixes 22 May 2018
  • Add support for Keychain
  • Bug fixes 20 Mar 2018
  • Performance and stability enhancements
  • Bug fixes 17 Dec 2017 21 Sep 2017


The icons that appear over the files in the ndSync Folder have been changed and there have been changes made to when the overlay icons appear:

  • All synced content (containers and document) are shown with the blue checkbox.
  • Any content that cannot be synced (for example, if a file is too large) appears with a red circle with a horizontal line. 
  • Any ancestor containers of synced containers that are not themselves synced are shown without any overlay icon at all, because they are neither synced nor has syncing failed.

NetDocuments 17.2 contains new icons for cabinets, workspaces, and filters.  Those new icons are included in ndSync for Mac.

Key New Features

ndSync for Mac v2.1 contains several new and valuable features:

  • A right-click document action has been added to allow a user to create a new version of a document.  This action will not only create the new version, it will also check out the document and open the document in the native application.  The user is responsible for checking the document back in.
  • Because additional right-click actions have been added over time, when more than one ndSync right click action is available for an item, all of the actions will now be grouped under a parent “ndSync actions” menu, when accessing an item from Finder:
  • A right-click “Sync now” action has been added to workspaces, to allow an entire workspace to be synced by itself.

Deletion Restrictions

Because users may inadvertently delete synced content from their computer, not realizing that those deletions will be applied to content stored on the server, we have added several restrictions on deleting synced content.

  • ndSync already attempts to restrict a user’s ability to delete cabinets, workspaces, filters and top-level folder by changing folder permissions on the user’s computer.  However, these restrictions can be overridden by a technically savvy user.  Therefore, if a user manages to delete any of those types of containers from their computer, ndSync will not attempt to apply those deletions to the server, but instead ndSync will attempt to restore any such deleted containers.
  • In NetDocuments 17.2, a repository-level setting will be introduced that will prohibit any deletion made to ndSync content from being applied to the server, to guard against inadvertent deletions.  (This setting will not be enabled by default.)  If this setting is enabled and a user deletes synced content from their computer, the deleted synced content will instead be restored to the user’s computer on the next sync.  However, a user will be able to delete a single document at a time by using the ndSync proprietary right-click “Delete” action and have that deletion applied to the server (assuming, of course, the user has sufficient access rights to the document in NetDocuments).

Additional Enhancements

Finally, ndSync for Mac 2.1 contains several smaller enhancements, some of which tweak existing features:

  • The “Permanently Delete” ndSync right-click action has been renamed “Delete,” but has the same behavior:  content is deleted from the server and permanently deleted from the user’s computer.
  • The right-click action “View Document Online” has been renamed “Open document from server”.
  • After a user’s initial login to ndSync, the “Select Items to Synchronize” dialog will not appear after future logins.
  • An ndSync .plist setting, ShowLoginOnStartup, with a value of “True” or “False”, can be added to control whether or not the ndSync login page appears when the user’s computer or virtual desktop starts up, if the user has not logged in already.  By default, the login page appears.
  • Changes made on the “Select Items to Synchronize” dialog will not take effect until the “OK” button is clicked.  12 May 2017 The overlay icon for synced workspaces shows them as synced and not unsynced  Mar 2017 Initial Release