Update Notes - ndSync for Windows



Below are the changes included in each release of ndSync for Windows.

Version Number Release Date Notes

ndSync 2.4

 11 Aug 2020
  • Support for the NetDocuments DLP product
  • Support for the Lock Document feature found in NetDocuments
  • Support for additional service regions:
    DE (Germany)
    US-GOV (Government)
  • Resolved issue where ndSync would create an unofficial version after updating a local document where the official document was a sub-version
  • Resolved issue where specific conditions would fail to upload the document 12 Dec 2019
  • Support for document and folder names up to 1,000 characters.  (A long name will only be shown up to a limited length in Windows, but when renaming an item, the full name will be shown and up to 1,0000 characters will be allowed.)
  • A new ndSync "Rename" action has been added.
  • The ndSync log files are purged when ndSync is uninstalled.
  • Fixed bugs related to installing and uninstalling ndSync. 1 Jul 2019
  • Performance enhancements
  • Support for Windows 10 Long File Paths to sync content of any path length
  • Moving locally synced content is treated as a move on the server
  • Synced content can be deleted from the server ONLY using the ndSync "Delete" action, which can be performed on multiple documents and individual folders
  • Indicator when maximum number of documents in a container have been synced
  • Unofficial versions remain on the device
  • Zero-byte files cannot be synced to the server
  • Bug fixes 15 Feb 2018
  • The Ransomware Circuit Breaker feature was introduced.
  • Various performance enhancements have been made related to checking for changes made on the user's local machine and also when checking for changes on the server.
  • Additional logging and crash reporting has been added. 17 Dec 2017 11 Aug 2017
  • A re-designed UI
  • A Select items to synchronize action has been added to the menu and removed from the Settings dialog.
  • With the addition of the Activity List, it is now possible to toggle between the Activity List, Recent Documents and Home Page Contents
  • In addition, there is a new setting to exclude emails from appearing in the Activity List
  • New overlay icons
  • Container icons now match new 17.2 web UI icons
  • Auto-updates (with notifications, and registry settings)
  • New right-click options
  • all of the actions will be grouped under a parent “ndSync actions” menu, when accessing the item from Windows Explorer
  • A right-click “Sync now” action has been added to workspaces, to allow an entire workspace to be synced by itself.
  • Deletion restrictions (administrative setting) 12 May 2017 The overlay icon for synced workspaces shows them as synced and not unsynced  Mar 2017 Initial Release

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