ndMirror Update - October 2017 - All Data Centers


As of 31 October 2017, ndMirror is available for download.

New Functionality

  • Changed scheduled synchronization jobs to start the timer 'now' instead of at the next boundary.
  • Recurrent sync tasks are scheduled by 'now' and not in 12:00 PM on empty database.
  • Request to get repository groups with info now uses 17.2 REST.
  • Made changes to improve repository groups sync performance.
  • Extended database validation errors are now logged.


  • Fixed issue where groups could not be completely synced due to incorrect parsing of skiptoken.
  • Attachments were not synced locally when replaceable parameters are used in local path (like profile attribute).
  • Error was shown when trying to search logs with all levels chosen as "*" in config file.
  • Time on sync frequency page always displayed current time when refreshed with clean database.
  • Errors when downloading versions were still being retried (DocumentVersions table).


Go to ndMirror to get information about the latest version and find more information such as system requirements.  

NOTE: ndMirror is designed as a replacement to the Local Document Service, and is a paid add-on to your NetDocuments Service Subscription. Please contact NetDocuments Sales for more information. See below for more information about installation and migration from the legacy Local Document Service.


ndMirror should be installed by a new customer/firm, rather than the legacy LD Service. Customers who are currently using the Local Document Service should make plans to migrate to ndMirror in the near future. We recommend you at least download ndMirror for use in a test environment in preparation for a migration.  

Support and Feedback

Comments, questions, suggestions, and problem reports are all welcome. Contact us at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627) or support@netdocuments.com.

When reporting a problem, please provide:

  • Fully-detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message or screen shots 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Error logs (if any)

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team