Track Changes are lost when converting documents to PDF from the NetDocuments Outlook toolbar.

  • OS: Windows
  • Office: N/A
  • Product: ndOffice 2.0+


When you convert a document to PDF from the Outlook NetDocuments toolbar (in an active New Message/Reply/Forward with an attachment) using the 'Edit' button the output PDF will not contain the same document mark up and track changes.


The convert to PDF option uses the Microsoft Office conversion engine. 
The default settings for the "Publish What"  opt for "Document" and not "Document showing markup" which are available when saving documents to PDF in Word but not in our add-in. 



1) Open the document and save it to a PDF in Word first. 

From the Save As Dialogue, you can select Options around the output file.
The one pictured is from Office 2016.

We are considering exposing the same options available in Word to users via the Toolbar to address this in future versions.