Why doesn't ndOffice 2.1 respect Cabinet Echo Settings?

  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: N/A
  • Office: N/A
  • Product: ndOffice 2.1+


For some customers, ndOffice suddenly stopped echoing their documents when they installed ndOffice version 2.1.18.


This was because the range of IP addresses they were using were private addresses, visible only inside their firm. These happened to be 10 net addresses, but they could have been 192 type addresses as well. Neither of these type of IP addresses work with NetDocuments.

Here is what caused that and an insight into how these cabinet echo settings work:

The Cabinet Administration settings that control echoing provide three options:

  1. Allow echoing on all workstations
  2. Do Not allow echoing on any workstation
  3. Allow echoing only on these workstations – with a box allowing you to enter a single, or range of IP addresses. (Echo will not work on any address except those specified here).

ndOffice has never respected these settings until version 2.1.18. This means that regardless of which option you took or the IP addresses that are specified, ndOffice echoed based solely on the state found in the registry – an EchoingFolder location and a positive value for Echo Retention.

When we turned on the ability to respect these cabinet-level settings, it meant that now, when we GET information for the document prior to downloading, we will look at the value returned in the json object for the document. Here we check, among other things, whether it can be echoed.

The ND data centers evaluate these IP addresses - not the web page or the client (ndOffice) being used. Based on those settings each document gets stamped with Echo=True or Echo=False based on that evaluation. No private address can ever be used because those aren’t addresses the data center can know anything about. 

You can easily find out what a given workstation has for a public-facing IP address by pointing your browser to:

https://vault.netvoyage.com/neWeb2/mobile/browserInfo.aspx (or use the service appropriate address).

This will return the address the data center sees and not the private address that you might see when you run IPConfig.


Because NetDocuments can only see the pubic-facing IP addresses, it acts as though ndOffice is operating outside the range of IP addresses specified (or as if there were no IP addresses specified at all, or no valid ones). Echoing outside the specified range or addresses is not allowed. So, the documents will not be echoed.  


Use public-facing IP addresses when configuring cabinet-level echo settings.