Linking an Author Value to a User


A repository administrator can link a value in a lookup table to a user in the repository for the purpose of applying access to documents that share that profile value. Only one attribute at a time can be used to link to users. 

This is generally used on an Author attribute to link a repository user with an Author value. 


To link a user to an Author value, simply enter the user's email address or GUID into the Linked User field. The user's display name will be shown after entering the GUID or email address.

HINT: If you can use the user's GUID then you won't have to update this field if/when the user's email address changes. 


When a value in the Author lookup table is linked to a user, going forward, documents profiled to that Author will receive the user with VESA rights in the document's access control list (ACL). 

For example, an administrator can associate AuthorA in the lookup table to UserA. Then, when AuthorA is applied to a document, UserA will be added to the document's access list with VESA rights. As long as AuthorA remains in the profile, UserA will retain their VESA rights; they cannot be removed from the access list. Even if the document is moved to a folder where the user does not have access, the user will remain with VESA rights. If the Author value is removed, the user's access is removed. While the Author value is applied, the user will not be able to be removed from the access list.

Users need "A" rights to the document in order to apply or change the linked Author value (because A rights are required to change a document's access).

If the user has No Access (N) to the document, this will override the user's VESA rights they may receive through the Author field.

The user's VESA rights are still retained even if another profile value is assigned that has absolute security assigned to it. 

When an Author is associated with a user, existing documents profiled to that Author will not automatically receive that user with VESA rights; it is not retroactive. Only documents receiving that Author value going forward will have the new access applied.

NOTE: This feature cannot currently be used with EMS Folders or EMS Profiler. (See the End of Life announcements for the EMS products here.) Users who use EMS to file email messages while this feature is enabled may encounter error messages. As an alternative, users may use ndOffice or ndMail to file email messages without issue.