Setting Google Chrome to show region specific date formats


Problem: Date  formats in Chrome appear incorrectly in U.S. format in NetDocuments but not other browsers like Internet Explorer.

Cause: Google Chrome tends to be installed with U.S. English settings by default in English-speaking countries. This defaults the date stamps seen in NetDocuments to the format of MM/DD/YYYY which is not the standard for countries outside the U.S. 

Chrome does not use your machines localisation settings like Internet Explorer and so you must set the preferred view inside Chrome settings. 


To change the option to a standard DD/MM/YYYY. 
(Optionally update your language settings to non-U.S)

  1. Go to Chrome Options (3 vertical pips in the top right hand corner)
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Show Advanced Options.
  4. Under Language, click on Language and input settings… 
  5. Click Add and find your location specific language e.g. English (United Kingdom) and add it to the existing list. 
  6. Click and hold English (United Kingdom) and drag it to the top of the existing list.
  7. (Optional) You can also click the Use this language for spell checking button to ensure that you get localised spelling. 
  8. Restart chrome.
  9. Log back in to NetDocuments and confirm correct date format applied. 


NOTE: For steps on deploying this centrally via Group Policy please refer to Google support.

Their policy guide is here: