Set Builder - Order of Documents!! SO URGENT

We want to have more users adopt Set Builder; however, we get push back immediately due to the need to select each document, one by one - or order them.  If we see the order in the filter or a folder, it would be AWESOME to have the documents LINK/COPY to Set Builder in the exact same order.  Otherwise, it continues to feel like double work, to select them individually or have to reorder them, after selecting.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider this request sooner vs. later.  It would be a GREAT selling point.



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  • I had clients that would add about 100 documents that were numbered 001 to 100 and they all got added in reverse order regardless of how the original was sorted. They had to manually re-order all 100. Later when they made a change to the set (not sure what it was, but I think it was changing a level to move down or something), it did a SELF re-order back to the original reverse order so they had to manually re-order again. This happened more than once. 

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