Native .MSG files with NDMail, NOT .EML so OCR will work as expected

An attorneys notices a PDF attached to one of his emails was not OCR'd. We use Trumpet OCR, in house, to do this, it integrates and searches NetDocs.
I called Trumpet, we investigated, bottom line - Trumpet does not look for EML files with attachments, only MSG. Hmm, sad, but OK.

I mention to Trumpet reseller and he says, same with NetDocs OCR. And in my research, confirmed here:

NetDocuments OCR FAQ – Support Home

"4. What are the supported OCR features?

NetDocuments OCR provides the following features:

…Supports the following file formats: TIFF, JPG, PNG, PDF, and MSG."

Still sad, but OK.

So then I figure i need to make sure emails get saved to NetDocs as .MSG files and come to find out NDMail converts them to .EML!
I see where the is registry setting for Folder Mapping UploadMethod but that does not seem to change using NDmail to save an email. (ndMail Registry Settings – Support Home (

Am I missing some easy fix? Anyone else come across this?
We rolled out NDMail at the beginning of 2021. (We have had NetDocs for 4 years)

Of the 20,600 .EML files we have with a .PDF attachment, 19,600 were added this year. And i have to assume that some percentage, perhaps half or more, have non-OCRd PDF files attached.

How in the world do I explain that to my user base? Direct them not NOT use NDMail?!



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  • Hi, Tim!

    Thanks for the feedback. We updated our OCR in Aug 2021 and it now supports EML files. Our support articles are a little behind schedule, so we'll get that updated with the right info shortly. I apologize for the confusion.

    If you have additional questions or need more info on this, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. 




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