ndOffice 2.9 - Activity Center "Home" - Add Favorites and Organize

I believe that the "Home" page of the Activity Center in ndOffice 2.9 would get more usage if users had the ability to add Favorites directly from ndOffice and reorganize the "Home" directly in ndOffice. This would create more of an "all in one" location for users to work out of. I know it's not a replacement for ndWeb but some features in the "Home" of ndOffice would certainly increase user adoption.




  • Totally agree -- also, it would be great if you could click multiple items to send email/link just like in Word in ndOffice.  Thanks.  

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  • It would also be nice if the Activity Center could be set to just start up minimized in the notification tray like like the previous version did.  Also, it needs to remember my previous settings if I stretched the window to be larger and also show by default whichever tab you were last on.  Again, I like the previous version of Activity Center where I could see a list of my most previous documents so it opening  to the "Activity" tab for me is ideal. 

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