Add functionality to locate and/or report on PII

I suggest a new functionality to identify PII (personal identifiable information). Or possiblly provide an option within the existing search functionality. There are many scenarios where this would be helpful. 

  • For cybersecurity insurance, companies are often asked to identify the number of documents they have containing PII.
  • Some companies are required to document users within their organizations that have access to PII. In order to do this, it would be helpful to quickly identify PII locations, and then review the access & permissions to those locations. 
  • A company might want to identify PII to assist in managing their documents to adhere to data retention policies.

For example, some software looks for numbers in the following format; ***-**-****, or **-*******. This would identify SSN or EINs. Another option would be to identify 9 digit numbers. This could identify a majority of bank account numbers as they are typically 9 digits. 



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    Hi Laura

    Thanks for submitting your idea. We are actively working on this type of functionality. I cannot give you a roadmap yet, and certainly cannot provide a release date, but I own it for Product Management and Engineering are working on it. 

    If you would like to chat about specific use cases please drop me an email:

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