CollabSpace Folder or File Access for Third-Party (w/ Possible Expiration?)

According to ND tech support, the only way to presently give a third-party (for instance, a collaborating accountant or attorney from another firm) access to an individual folder or individual documents within a folder is to set them up with at least "V" access to the entire CollabSpace.  This creates a problem because even if you customize the permissions to only allow access to a certain folder or file, any future additions to the CollabSpace would become visible to the third-party.  The only other solution is to create a separate CollabSpace for the third-party and make copies of important documents to share, placing them in file folders for each client we are mutually collaborating on.  However, this also creates a problem as there is no way to limit the amount of time in which a copy is available for viewing.  It also means access to the same document or folder across two different CollabSpaces which could create mismatch and error over time.

I'd love to see NetDocuments come up with a way to do one of the following:

1) Allow for adding a third-party professional directly to a single or multiple folders or documents within an existing CollabSpace without forcing the third-party to be added at the full CollabSpace level.

2) Expansion of option 1 to include expiration dates if needed so that a third-party professional collaborator could only have access to sensitive documentation for a selected period of time.

3) Set up a CollabSpace for a third-party professional collaborator which displays client folders representative of CollabSpaces they have access to, but allow for NetDocument Admin to turn on a "projected copy" of whatever documents or folders they would like the third-party professional to have access to within each mutual client's CollabSpace.  By projected copy, I mean the ability to access the original document within the client's CollabSpace without having to make a physical copy and place it in the third-party's CollabSpace, hence insuring the document the third-party is seeing is the most up-to-date version of the document.

4) As an extension of option 3, include expiration date on these "projected copies" to allow for limitation of viewing, editting or downloading.




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