Dynamic list views and Print List

For sites with dynamic attributes, I would like the user-defined list views and Print List window to be more responsive to the dynamic fields.

When using dynamic profiles, on the profile screen, certain fields are hidden unless or until a specific value is selected in another field. Yet these dynamic fields are or can still be shown in the list view columns when the controlling field is not selected or available.

For example, I have Profile1 that controls profile fields A, B, and C. Profile2 controls profiles X, Y, and Z. Let’s say I add A, b, C, X, Y, Z to my list view columns. Because I only get one list view format, I need to add all of them. If I go to a folder where documents have been profiled to Profile1, I want to see only A, B, and C. If I then switch to another folder where Profile2 is selected I still see all 6 dynamic fields. I don’t want to see all 6 dynamic fields all the time.

In the Print List window, it has all 6 fields selected by default, because those are selected in my list view format. 

For example, Person in Charge 1, 2, and 3 are enabled in the Client Matters cabinet. They are dynamic, based off of a certain Document Type. The “Office Invoices” folder has been profiled to that Document Type. Yet I still see those 3 columns in all other list views.

Yet in the Library cabinet (where those fields are not active), I still see these 3 fields (and they are checked) when looking at the Print List window:

I have to uncheck these 3 fields each time I do a Print List in another cabinet.

Related to this, the Print List window currently shows all fields across the repository. Yet most of the time, the user is viewing a list within a single cabinet (not across cabinets). The fields that I selected in my list view are checked in the Print List window, even though those fields are not active in this cabinet. It should show only those fields that are active in that cabinet. This particular issue is also requested here: https://support.netdocuments.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203237490-Different-list-view-per-cabinet




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